Word Wars

I adore word wars. Adore. You get to write solidly in short bursts and then compare with friends who’s better.. AHEM.. who wrote the most. *competitive jeer*

This year I’m likely going to be using different IM clients and as such would love to word war with some peoples. Occasionally I’ll prod the NaNoWriMo hashtag and see who’s up for word wars on Twitter but let’s face it – it’s not as fun as when you do it with friends and can prod each other out of the writing zone.. remind me why I like these things again?

If you’d like to join me, just give me a prod and we’ll sort something out! At the moment I have MSN and GTalk but I really should get a one-size-fits-all IM client.

Do you guys like word wars or do you find the short bursts too short to really get into the writing?


2 thoughts on “Word Wars

  1. I’m realizing just how awesome word wars/battles can be! For some reason, I find they really motivate me to write out scenes, even if I’m not sure how they’re going to turn out. There’s just something about the competition that makes me want to work hard and do well!

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