Stupid Hurdle, Get Out of My Way

It turns out worldbuilding was my hurdle. The second I came up to this particular hurdle in writing my story, I did the equivalent of running around in circles in front of it Kermit flail style and shortly thereafter lying down in the dirt with my fingers in my ears shouting, “LALALA IT’S NOT THERE IF I CAN’T SEE IT!” Why my fingers are in my ears when I’m trying not to see something I’m really not sure, perhaps that’s just how my brain works when it shuts bits of itself off. But then I had a little rant within my writing group and people dragged me up and told me to just do it. Get it over with and get on with the rest of the race because let’s face it, if I don’t, I’ll never complete it.

I don’t know how you pushed my brain into activity again but somehow it worked, and I went off to my drawer and dug out my writing notebook which is full of random story ideas which I’m glad I wrote down because I’d completely forgotten about and perhaps one day I might revisit them. Within, there are ideas for a fantasy. There are the early ideas for my current project, a few more recent ideas, and some really really old ideas plonked in the back including “The World of Avalonia” which is incredibly naff but I love the idea of a table to go through things, and the little dragon doodle is quite cute.

It’s now 1am so I am off to bed but rest assured that tomorrow I will face down that hurdle and tell it that it is definitely not my problem and jump over it. Or in actual terms, I’m going to sort through my notes and make sure I have a naff map, a little history and culture for my world, and a skeleton of a story so that I have something to direct my characters towards. Then I shall start Eshne’s (my main female character) short story.

I-can-do (1)