RoW80 Here I Go!

I heard about RoW80 (A Round of Words in 80 Days) during one of my NaNoWriMo stints. I love NaNo for the community, but I find the pressure a little too much. So I was told about RoW80 and how you set your own goals but you still get the community. That sounds more like it!

As I’m getting myself writing now, (I know July probably wasn’t the best month to do it in because of my preperation for the steampunk feature on my book blog, but I kept putting it off. No more!) I’m jumping in.

My Goals

These are up in my sidebar as well, but I’m aiming to get started. I’ve had vague ideas, characters, magic systems, cultures, and so on building in my head for a few years now and it’s time I put it all down on paper. I need to start with the worldbuilding before I can do anything else, however, as although I have some ideas, they are not solid yet and I need a world to explore, not a world in which my characters walk through a forest and bump into an unfinished blue box because suddenly my brain can’t think of what might possibly be there. So I shall build.

Then, when I’m comfortable with what I’ve built, I will outline a skeleton. I’ll need a few characters and areas to visit, the ending, basic ideas for bumps in the road and such. Mostly I like to pants it but I would like a direction to take. If I end up veering off road and changing my ending completely because I decide something else works better, great. I’ll roll with it. That is what rewrites are for, right?

Once I have the outlines, I want to start on a prequel. A short story to introduce my main female character and how she ended up in a completely different part of the world to where her people can usually be found. At the moment, I have no idea, so it’s something I need to explore and I’m interested to see how her story plays out.

If I get all of that finished before the end of RoW80, then I’ll start on the main story itself as that is the next step. No word goals, just things to get done. I like lists, they work for me.

Thanks to Zoe Trope for this one!

Thanks to Zoe Trope for this one!

Are any of you guys reading this taking part as well? Are these nice, gentle goals to get me started on a novel that’s going to drive me insane (and I know it will, but I’ll love it anyway)? I’m hoping to take a gradual approach to ease myself in, and gradually work on writing daily when I’m ready for it.